Disciple Month 2 - Disciple of the Earth [Fighting of the Spirit, earth-related themes]


Free download Disciple Month 2 - Disciple of the Earth [Fighting of the Spirit, earth-related themes]
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Upload by: DjtheSdotcom. Disciple Month 2 album "Master of the Elements": Download the song: (it's in the folder "Mixed Franchise") Song Title: Disciple of the Earth OST Title: Fighting of the Spirit, Tunnel Rhino Stage, Last Battle, Cocoa Cave, Stone Tower Temple, Native Faith Game: Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia, Mega Man X3, Cave Story, Kirby Super Star, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith Platform: Diverse Composer: Motoi Sakuraba, Kinuyo Yamashita, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa, Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, ZUN Uploader's comments: "I call upon the servant of mother Earth. I summon thee. Come, Gnome!" What should you expect? Everything rock, ground, earth and cave-related would qualify. And what do I think makes it sound like "Earth"? Rock, so it has some heavy electric guitars, and drums, so there's much focus on the kick and the snare and impact sounds. -----COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER----- All tracks were made to appreciate and promote video game music. There is no copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respectful owners.

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