李佳薇 Jess Lee『像天堂的懸崖』禁斷完整版微電影Teaser


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Upload by: 華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official. • iTunes : 在天堂&懸崖之間徘徊的禁斷愛慾 從情感到肉體的痛楚、糾結、不堪 禁忌主題曲女王 + 鬼才電影導演 『煎熬』 李佳薇 X 『騷人』 陳映蓉 2014 華語樂壇濃烈迷情音樂影像新作 『像天堂的懸崖』 挑戰不倫、性愛感官極致尺度邊界 • 2/27 起 iTunes預購李佳薇『天堂 / 懸崖』專輯送獨家禁斷完整版微電影 • 3/7 李佳薇 像天堂的懸崖 窒愛版MV首播

jake & zooey / nick & jess ♥♥♥ i won't give up ♣NEW GIRL♣

FAN VID This is for MayaLala, the best fanfic writer for this couple. Ever. Was kinda her idea. Love ya!

The Young and the Restless - Spotlight on Jess Walton

Take a look back over the years through Jess Walton's eyes and explore her on-screen mother and daughter relationship with co-star Jeanne Cooper! Get the ...

"Breaking" perf. by Jess Moskaluke, from THE SURVIVORS

Download the song on iTunes: What is The Survivors? "Breaking" is the second single from The Survivors.

Clean Bandit - Rather Be feat Jess Glynne (The Magician Remix)

A Jess and Rory Moment: Part 6

From episode 2X05, Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy, sparks fly when Rory finds out Jess has a thing for books too.

Jess Harper: Time of My Life

This begins with some of Robert Fuller's early roles which led him to Laramie. The song is The Time of My Life by David Cook. No copyright infringement is in...

Holly and Jess's Vlog (1)

via YouTube Capture.

Chandelier video star | Haha Jess!

Fan video of "Chandelier" by Sia Hope you like it💖 Like and sub for more videos💖 Comment bellow for a how I film and edit my video stars💖 Thanks bye😘 ...

Laramie: Jess Harper, Gunfighter

Robert Fuller as Jess Harper, with John Smith as Slim Sherman, from the classic TV western Laramie. No copyright infringement intended. Check out Laramie ...

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (cover) Jess Greenberg

Facebook Page: Twitter: @JessGreenberg9 Please Subscribe! :) Soundcloud: ...

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李佳薇 Jess Lee 『像天堂的懸崖』 Cliff to the Heaven 禁斷完整版微電影

2014-03-17 04:01:11