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'Gun Crazy USA' by Vice - Shocking Legal Gun Deals

Vice made a documentary in Florida on the truth about you can legally do under current gun laws. Think regulations are too tight? Think again. Vice's "Gun Cr...

Why Legal versus Illegal Suites in Rental Properties Are there advantages to going through the permit process to put in a legal suite or should you save money and time and do it without p...

free legal help, free legal aid In the case, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that state courts are required under the Sixth Amendment of the ...

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 6: A VC's Advice: Video

May 7 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Sigalow, a partner at Greycroft Partners LLC, talks with Bloomberg Law's Spencer Mazyck about legal challenges confronting ...

Fran Tarkenton -Legal Shield

Fran Tarkenton interviewing Dave Savula about the importance of Legal shield Personal and Small Business Plan-James Buckle - Legal Shield Independent ...

Welcome to Legal Aid - Somali

Welcome to Legal Aid - Somali.

How To Do Free Internet Legal Research

This tutorial from The Louis L. Biro Library at The John Marshall Law School introduces free online alternatives to subscription-based legal research databas...

Developing an Ontology of Legal Research - 590

The Legal Aid Society - The Legal Community's First Responders

Worlds Fastest Street Legal Car - 0 to 60 MPH in 1 second

2200hp Vauxhall Victor - Worlds fastest street legal car able to do 0 to 60 MPH 1 second. The 1/4 mile run is done in just 7.8 seconds. A McLaren F1 for exam...

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